To all of our supporters

I’m writing — at long last — to announce Willamette STAGE Company’s plan for the 2012-2013 season. Briefly put, the company is going to take a season-long sabbatical. We’ve mounted twenty-seven shows over the past five years, and we need a breather. It’s been an exhilarating ride — thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm you’ve demonstrated again and again — but it’s left too little time and energy to focus on building and fine-tuning the organizational infrastructure necessary to the long haul. We’re going to step back to re-examine our collaborative goals and invest our energy in creating the means to achieve them.

This hasn’t been an easy decision, and I realize that it’s not without risks. But I’m convinced that it’s the right thing to do, if we’re to maintain the quality and quantity of our productions, and if we’re to move forward with the audience growth we’d all like to see.

So, what’s the bottom line? 

First of all, we’re not going away. Rather than a full five-show season this year, we’ll produce a limited number of shows with limited runs, budgets, and complexities: examples might include one- or two-person shows, readers theatre, or a concert musical. These will be announced as they arise.

And, we’ll be in touch. Of course, you’ll hear from us when we’ve got a show in the works. But you’ll also hear about our remodeling project and we’ll ask your participation from time to time. And we can all look forward to a 2013-2014 season that reflects those efforts and invites even more of our mid-valley community to join us for provocative, professional live theatre.

Finally, I’d like to apologize for what has turned out to be an extended period of “radio silence,” and I want to express my appreciation for your patience and for the expressions of interest we’ve heard from many of you.

Thanks so much for your generous and enthusiastic support these past five years; it’s meant a great deal to all of us. I look forward to seeing you in the theatre soon.


Note to our 2011-2012 Subscribers: Please rest assured that we haven’t forgotten you or our debt to you. You’ll hear specifics from us soon.

Welcome to our new website… and more

I’m delighted to welcome STAGE supporters to one of the many exciting developments at Willamette STAGE Company: our newly redesigned website. We hope you find it inviting,informative, and easy to navigate. We hope you’ll tell your friends and acquaintances about it. And we hope you’ll come back often to see what’s up at Willamette STAGE Company.

I want to give a special thanks to an old friend and colleague, Jay Thompson of Photographic Solutions in Eugene, who masterminded this redesign. Many of you know that Jay has been intimately involved with Willamette STAGE Company, not only from its inception, but from its conception. He’s been responsible for the “look and feel” of our marketing image, and he’s been our official photographer from the beginning. As importantly, his insights, advice, and support have been invaluable.

One thing you’ll discover if you do come back to the site is that I’ll be writing here on a regular basis — offering information about new STAGE developments and plans and those of our partners, sharing insights to our production and rehearsal process, introducing new faces, and keeping you apprised of new opportunities within the company. From time to time, I’ll also include my views on the local, regional, and national theatre and arts scenes.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and to hearing yours, too. Please email me ( with any comments about the site, our shows, or my posts. If you haven’t done so yet, please join our mailing list to stay fully informed. To keep up with us, please click to the right to follow us on Twitter and through our RSS feed; that way, you’ll find out immediately whenever there’s an update. And while you’re at it, why not click through and “like” us on our Facebook page.

Thanks for your support over the past years. I appreciate it enormously, and I look forward to strengthening our relationship with you, our audience. Looking forward to visiting with you here and seeing you in the theatre.