WSC’s Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors and Executive Committee

  • Leslie Berman, Corvallis, OR. Board President; Executive Committee. Chiropractic Physician.
  • Robert Delk Hirsh, Corvallis, OR. Executive Committee. Artistic Director, Willamette STAGE Company. See biography.
  • Ursula Tuffli, Corvallis, OR. Executive Committee. Managing Director, Willamette STAGE Company. Self-employed management consultant; former employee, Hewlett-Packard, Inc.
  • Amaya Egusquiza, Albany, OR. Executive Committee. STAGE U (Education) Director, Willamette STAGE Company. Self-employed theatre teacher, director, and actor; former Education Director, Majestic Theatre Management.
  • Harriet Owen Nixon, Corvallis, OR. Executive Committee. Community Relations Director, Willamette STAGE Company. Administrative Assistant, Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy; veteran actor-director.
  • Barbara Berge, Corvallis, OR. Board Secretary; Executive Committee. Development Coordinator, Willamette STAGE Company.
  • Kent Daniels, Corvallis, OR. Director-at-large.  Co-Director (retired) of the Office of International Research and Development, Oregon State University, and former Corvallis City Council member and Benton County Commissioner.
  • Ken Haines, Corvallis, OR. Director-at-large. Owner-manager, The Color Wheel Company.
  • Tamara Scoville, Corvallis, OR. Director-at-large. Attorney, Reed Smith, Washington, DC.
  • Tim Steele, Corvallis, OR. Director-at-large. Retired producer for NBC television; potter.
  • Jay Thompson, Eugene, OR. Director-at-large. Owner-manager, Photographic Solutions; former Partner-manager, Edge Design.
  • Becky Weaver, Corvallis, OR. Director-at-large. CPA. Finance Manager and Deputy County Treasurer, Yamhill County, Oregon.

—The Rest of Our Team—

  • Pat Kight, Albany, OR. Website Manager.
  • Cherie Jackson, Albany, OR. Box Office Coordinator.
  • Ross Jackson, Albany, OR. Set design and Construction Coordinator.
  • Stephanie Long, Corvallis, OR. Ticket Service Coordinator.
  • Don Taco, Albany, OR. Lighting Design Coordinator.
  • John Tappon, Corvallis, OR. Tax Accountant.

—Our Advisory Council—

Willamette STAGE Company is proud to introduce our Advisory Council, comprised of local, regional, and national leaders in the arts, in business, and in education:

  • George Beekman, Corvallis, OR. Musician, promoter, multi-media artist, and author of computer-related textbooks.
  • Hillary Egna, Corvallis, OR; Director, AquaFish Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program, Oregon State University.
  • Neal Gladstone, Corvallis, OR; Songwriter and musician.
  • Scott Palmer, Portland, OR. Artistic Director, The Rose Theatre Project.
  • Gregg Peters, Salem, OR. Education Marketing Manager, World Wide Imaging and Printing Group, Hewlett-Packard Corp.
  • Marion Rossi, Salem, OR. Associate Professor of Theatre, Oregon State University.
  • Paul Turner, Corvallis, OR. Owner and Operator, Darkside Cinemas; former Board Member, Majestic Theatre Management.
  • Thomas Walmsley, Corvallis, OR. Instructor of Philosophy, Linn-Benton Community College; former Board Member, Majestic Theatre Management and Corvallis Repertory Singers.

—Board Members Emeriti—

  • Brian Newberg, Former Associate Artistic Director, Willamette STAGE Company, now assistant professor of drama at Kent State University’s Stark, Ohio campus
  • Fred Child, St. Paul, Minnesota. Host, American Public Media’s (formerly NPR’s) Performance Today.